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HCG 900KV-300pF Multiple Chopping Gap
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HCG 900KV-300pF Multiple Chopping Gap

Lead time: 50 days

Mode: HCG 900KV-300pF
1) Rated voltage: 900kV
2) Rated capacitance: 300pF
3) Quantity of sphere gap: 5pairs (10 units)
4) Gap type: 150mm diameter semi sphere gap
5) Trigger methods: Three electrodes discharge trigger
(Adopt high-performance pulse amplifier output 10kV, 100ns trigger pulse)
6) Time-delay methods: Time-delay is adjustable, electric time-delay circuit supply 250kV trigger pulse (Match up with control system, digit setting chopping time)
7) Chopped wave dispensability: Standard deviation of chopping time less than 0.1μs

Principle Diagram: 

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