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Auto Electrical Appliance and Machine Tool Electric Appliance

Auto Electrical   Appliance
Machine Tool   Electric Appliance

Test on auto electrical appliance
Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Mechanical Industry Automotive Electronic and Electrical Products of the P.R.C. is set in EETI. In this center, we have advanced test equipments and testing instruments, and can provide technical support and test service for auto electrical appliance industry research and manufacturing organizations.

Test capability
EETI can carry out the quality supervision and test work about Auto electronic and electrical products according to national standard, industry standard, enterprise standard and some advanced international standard (e.g., ISO, IEC, SAE, DIN, JIS etc.) . We can provide test service for auto-used motor, electrical apparatus and electronic products , like AC generator, starter, auto-used various micro motor, assembly and auto-used various switches, distributor, ignition coil, low-voltage line bunch auto-used line, horn, central electrical fuse, and ICM, etc..

Machine tool electric appliance
The test laboratory of Machine tool electric appliance is the key laboratory and main test base of Machinery Industry Machine Tool Electric Appliance. It can provide technique support and test service for the research institute and manufacturer about machine tool electric appliance.

Test capability
EETI can provide service for all range of predelivery test, type test and periodic test about machine tool electrical appliances like AC/DC electromagnet, clutch, control transformer and relay, etc. according to national standard and industry standard.