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Test about Nuclear Power Electrical Apparatus, Marine Electrical Apparatus, Wind Power Generation Equipments, Mine Electrical Apparatus

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Marine   Electrical Apparatus
Wind   Power Generation Equipments
Mine   Electrical Apparatus

Test about Nuclear Power Electrical Apparatus, Marine Electrical Apparatus
The laboratory of nuclear power electrical apparatus and marine electrical apparatus test has introduced international advanced testing equipments and technique, specializing in nuclear power electrical apparatus and marine electrical apparatus testing and technical service.
Testing capability
Heat aging test –the maximum allowed size 3500mm×2700mm×4000mm;
The maximum value of inclining test—horizontal ±45°, vertical ±30°
The maximum amplitude of swing test—horizontal ±45°,vertical ±30°,heading ±15°;
Test load –maximum value 500kg
Table size-- 1200mm×1500mm;
Vibration test –frequency  vertical 5~3000Hz,horizontal 5~1000Hz,
Maximum acceleration   vertical 50g, horizontal 8.57g;
Vibration test –table size 2500mm×2500mm,acceleration 7g, load weight 5 ton.

Wind turbine test
EETI wind turbine testing station is the unique third part testing organization that can carry out both wind turbine and wind power converter test in China approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. We specialize in test business and technical evaluation work like type test, new products identification test, certification test and industry quality supervision test towards single-speed asynchronous wind turbine, two-speed induction wind turbine, doubly-fed induction wind turbine, low-speed permanent magnet synchronous wind turbines and double-fed wind power converters.
Test capability
Wind turbine test –3.6MW/690V
Wind power converter –3.6MW/690V
Wind power test item –all items including electrical performance, environmental security, EMC etc..
Low-voltage ride through test—fully qualified with the requirements of IEC standard, international standard and industry standard about low-voltage through test capability.
Medium voltage test—the second phase wind power project under construction, which will make wind power test capability reach 5.3MW/6kV.

Test on Electrical Apparatus for Mine
EETI maintains a nice cooperation relationship with many explosion-proof electric apparatus certificate and testing organization. We can provide safe and reliable test service about mine electrical apparatus.
Test capability
EETI can carry out testing about explosion-proof electric apparatus according to national standard, industry standard and international standard. We can provide all electrical characteristics, climate and environment, EMC, and protection degree test service about mine-used/flame-proof type switchgear, starter, button, lamps, power converter, magnetic valve and coal-fired plants transformer integrated devices, etc..