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High Voltage Electric Test

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EETI has 17500MVA impact power testing system and 220kV network testing system, and can provide service for high-voltage switchgears and control gears’ products certification and testing, quality supervision & inspection, commissioned testing, and technical evaluation testing. Including sudden short-circuit test of power transformer, we can also carry out all items test of transformer, instrument transformer, and reactor. We can provide service for power transformer, instrument transformer, reactor’s products certification and testing, quality supervision & inspection, commissioned testing, and technical evaluation testing. Our products testing capabilities cover various capacitors, insulators, and lightning arresters, mainly including power capacitor, high-voltage shunt capacitors, high-voltage pillar insulator, insulating bush, metal oxide surge arresters without gaps for AC, electronic lightning arrester.

Testing capabilities
direct test ---three phase40.5kV/35kA、24kV/60kA、12kV/120kA;
Synthetic test——550kV/63kA 1/2pole、363kV/63kAsingle phase、252kV/63kA three phase;
Large current test—long-term test current 36 kA,short test current 400 kA;
Insulation test——550kVand below high-voltage electrical apparatus;
Sudden short-circuit test-——550kV/1000MVA;
Temperature rise test——35000A;
Climate and environment test——high and low temperature composite test chamber with its volume 6m×4.5m×4m,capacity is 108m³。temperature -35℃--75℃,relative humidity 45%--100%;
Large transformer test—the test hall equipped with 400 ton bridge crane and transformer oil recycling test system
Capacitor test capacity—10000kVar;
Insulators mechanical bending and torsion test—torsion loads 40kN.m, bending load 300kN.m
Arrester Test—363kV and below all items
Impulse current test—8/20us lightning impulse 200kA, 30/80us switching impulse 20kA, 18/40us switching impulse 15kA, 4/10us high current impulse 150kA, 2ms square wave 3kA.
Ultra high-voltage test—1100kV/100kA、1100kV/1000MVA

Electric power fitting testing
The laboratory of Electric power fittings testing can carry out new products type test for power system design, construction, operation and manufacturing companies.

Testing capabilities
Laboratory of Electric power fittings testing has been equipped with advanced testing equipments, including computer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine, hydraulic universal material testing machine, large current test equipment, vibration test table, etc.. We can carry out all items testing like dimension exterior assembly test, galvanized zinc layer test, grip strength test, breaking load test, vibration test resistance test, temperature rise test, heat cycle test, determination of energy consumption, dielectric strength test, analysis of metallic materials, etc. towards electric power fittings.