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Low-voltage electrical apparatus test
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Low-voltage electrical apparatus test

Switchgear and control gear
Low-voltage switchgear assemblies
Machine protective equipment

EETI can provide compulsory certification test, voluntary certification test, CB certification test and commissioned test about low-voltage switchgear and control gear, low-voltage fuse, miniature circuit breaker, residual-current circuit breaker, surge protection device and various electrical accessories, etc.. Meanwhile, we also undertake quality supervision and test and technical evaluation test work for quality supervision department, other administrative departments and research institutes, etc..

Testing capabilities 
Short-circuit test –three phase 50Hz 420V/450kA/1s and three phase 60Hz 420V/100kA/1s,DC 440 V/320kA/100ms and 1850 V/120kA/100ms;
Temperature rise test –long-term test current 20kA, short test current 120kA (symmetrical wave)
Test port—have leading short-circuit test technique in domestic field; can provide many test ports on various voltage classes; can carry out short-circuit test items upon more than 10 products at the same time.
All conditions test—can carry out performance test towards low-voltage electrical apparatus under all conditions, AC 400V, current 6300A
Electric life test—can carry out endurance test towards electrical apparatus; as for AC contactor electric life test at AC-3, AC-4, maximum rated voltage 690V, maximum rated current could reach 800A.
Environment test—can carry out high and low temperature test, damp heat test, salt spray test and protection class test about electrical apparatus, and the volume of dust proof test box reaches 33m³, can carry out protection class test between IP00-IP68.
Mechanical test—can carry out shock and vibration test, crash test, tilt swing test, tensile test, bending test, torsion test.
Trolley busway test—can carry out performance test towards trolley busway test under duplex conditions (voltage, current) with wide voltage and current adjustment range, high precision and high efficiency characteristics.

lResistance to corrosion capability test—can carry out sulfur dioxide accelerated corrosion test towards metal materials’ protective layer, spare parts, and electronic devices, etc...
UV test—adopt xenon arc lamp that can simulate full sunlight spectrum to reappear the destructive wave that existing in different environment; can provide environmental simulation and accelerated test for the research, development and quality control of assemblies.
Power harmonic and filtering test—can carry out power harmonic and filtering test towards assemblies with harmonic suppression or filtering function under the condition of having harmonic source.