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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The laboratory of EMC has imported highly sophisticated EMC equipments from Germany, and also equipped with experienced EMC testing engineers. We can provide EMC test service for customers from the field of high and low-voltage electrical apparatus, household appliances, electric power tool, information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, auto electrical and electronic, and industrial and medical equipment.

Test Capacity
Introduced 10m anechoic chamber from Germany. The 6m turntable can load 5 ton with 3m×4m pneumatic gate, automatic lift tower. We can test various large scale equipment;
RFR emission test frequency:20MHz~26.5GHz;
RFEMS frequency : 80MHz~6GHz,field strength:10V/m;
Introduced WIN2145 three phase harmonic and flicker test system, harmonic current for each phase 62.5A
The laboratory of EMC under construction, test frequency for radiated susceptibility reaches 40GHz. It has anechoic chamber with 11m turntable which can load 80 ton.