Application of Amorphous Alloy Transformer in Some Sectors
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Application of Amorphous Alloy Transformer in Some Sectors


In recent years, the amorphous alloy transformer has been widely accepted at home and abroad thanks to its remarkable advantages, including energy conservation and environmental protection. In China, great progress was made as regards technology or market. Besides rural grid and power distribution, which fields can we apply the amorphous alloy transformer to?  

1. Thermal Power Generation Plants  

In modern thermal power plants, separate-setting spare transformers (in hot backup condition) is often running in a no-load mode most of the time. The 1000KVA/10(6)KV-0.4 distribution transformer SCBH15 is compared to traditional SCB10 transformer. The SCBH15 annually consumes 4818 kilowatt hour electricity while 15,505 kilowatt hour for SCB10. The annual loss of SCBH15 is 10687 kilowatt hour less than that of traditional SCB10.

It can be seen that the use of amorphous alloy transformer in the thermal power plant can save 100,000-900,000 kilowatt hour electricity than traditional distribution transformer within one year. It is worthy of promoting the amorphous alloy transformer in the thermal power plant in a massive scale. And it is expected to be widely used in the thermal power plant. 

2. Power Distribution in the Oil Field 

The distribution system of oil field is an important part of oil field exploitation. Oil wells are widely distributed in the oil field and there is a great distance between oil wells, even hundreds of kilometers. Hence, one oil well or several wells which are not far from one another share one special distribution transformer in order to reduce the electric loss. It is of vital importance to use a appropriate transformer according to the requirements of pumping well loading.  

The annual return on investment is an important economic indicator as to evaluation of energy saving. With regard to short-term return on investment of power transformer, amorphous alloy transformer has the shortest payback period of investment when the rate of loading is low through calculation.   

The amorphous alloy transformer with small no-load loss is energy-saving when the rate of loading is low. However, if the rate of loading is very high (more than 0.5), those transformers with low no-load loss and load loss are energy-saving. In addition, the adoption of energy-saving transformer avoids wasting the energy to a large extent, saves the cost of developing oil fields and improves social and economic benefits.   

3. Communication Companies

With the development of cloud computing and network, electric power consumption of data center increases and communication rooms require adopting energy-saving equipment. As to the applicability of amorphous alloy transformer to communication rooms, comprehensive analysis needs to be conducted from the aspect of operational stability, reliability, economy, loading and efficiency. 

The technology of amorphous alloy transformer is fully developed and its stability and reliability can meet the requirements of communication room. The range of operation at high-efficiency loading rate is broad; just low rate of loading can reach high-efficiency operation area, which is suitable for communication room. When the rate of loading is low at the early stage (total quantity of loading is lower than 40% of the capacity per transformer.), cold backup is recommended. If the rate of loading increases, hot backup is the best option. 

Take 1600KVA transformer as an example. Adopt two transformers to form 1+1 hot-backup redundant working mode. Generally speaking, the transformer has an average lifespan of 20 years. Based on the lifespan of 20 years, it can save up to 365,612 kilowatt-hour electric energy and cut the CO2 by 364 ton. Therefore, the amorphous alloy transformer has a remarkable effect of energy saving.