How to Protect the Instruments in Winter ?
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How to Protect the Instruments in Winter ?


As the winter has arrived, the temperature has been droping. The low temperature will have a direct influence on the meters. For instance, the electrical meter cannot work normally and the accuracy of measurement reduces. The measuring media of many meters is liquid, which is likely to solidify or freeze at low temperature. The inaccuracy of measurement may lead to all kinds of breakdowns. 

Methods for preventing freeze-up of instruments in winter are listed below: 

1.Keep the installation site dry and free from rain and snow.  

2. Design the inspection route; daily inspect and keep a record of equipment conditions as per the route, including pipeline valves, heat-preservation cabinet, trap and heat tracing elements.  

3. Equip audible and visual alarm devices in case of steam leakage and power failure to detect and fix the problem quickly.     

4. Dispatch the workers to daily check whether thermal insulation materials are damaged or steam pipelines are blocked. If yes, technical treatment should be given at once.

5. Use thermal insulation materials to wrap up the parts which are easy to freeze and not resistant to low temperature. Perform waste disposal frequently and prevent the damage of thermal insulation materials in winter.

6. Steam heat tracing: use the steam to maintain the temperature. It is better to check whether steam pipelines are blocked prior to heat preservation and steam transmission. The 24-hour smooth transmission of steam is the best and the temperature of steam should not be too hot. The quantity of steam shall be adjusted according to the ambient temperature to ensure smooth running of transmitter. 

7. Use the heat preservation cabinet, which is S-type structure made of metal. The upper and lower parts of the cabinet are welded with heat tracing pipes by means of welded joints. The heat tracing pipe is installed in the cabinet in a manner of up in and lower out. A layer of heat preservation cotton is added for key meter cabinet. Both cabinet door and in-out pipelines are sealed via glue for better effect.   

8. Wind heat tracing belts around the meter or Stick them into the meter cabinet (The heat tracing belts shall be suitable and economic. )