Finding the Truth about“Bathing”the Power Transformer
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Finding the Truth about “Bathing” the Power Transformer


Many nationwide cities have been hit by high temperature since August. Relevant departments should try their best to do energy-supply work well and prevent electrical equipment such as line and power transformer from fire disaster.   

The stable operation of power transformer is related to the stability of the whole power gird. When the temperatures of running transformers at the substation is close to or exceed the limit, some measures need to be taken to reduce their temperatures due to the limitation of transformer heat dissipation, including making transformers of industrial users and special users out of service. However, it is inevitable that these measures will lead to electricity loss and the decrease in the power-supply reliability. 

for oil-immersed transformer, 80℃is the critical value. Once the temperature exceeds it, the self-protection program will start, leading to automatic trip. If the transformer continues to work, it would cause great damage. Hence, power-supply companies have come up with many methods. Please follow me to go through the methods.

Bathing transformer

1. “Bath” the Power Transformer 

Washing the electrical transformer is a professional and demanding job in the electrical system. The operation staff shall have relevant expertise and be equipped personal protective equipment such as insulation gloves and boots during the work. Except the radiator of power transformer, other electrical parts of transformer must not be washed.   

2. Ventilate the Power Transformer 

The electrical transformer is ventilated by changing the solid door of into net door. In addition, groups of giant fans are used to reduce the temperature of power transformer.

3. Make Use of Blocks of Ice

In order to reduce the temperature of substation with heavy load, blocks of ice are transported to the substation. The blocks of ice are placed under the power transformers. By doing so, the temperature of power transformer will not rise quickly within several hours. 

4. Use the Assist Temperature-reducing vehicle

The procedures are as follows: first of all, fill water tank of assist temperature-reducing vehicle with water and then move it to the operation site; secondly, fix the nozzle at the appropriate position by means of fixed parts; thirdly, start the water pump and make it work for a while when the control device acquires that the sensor signal value exceeds the limit; at last, open the magnetic valve to spray the water. The vehicle can run automatically when the nozzle and control device  are set well.