Ready for 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit
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Ready for 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit


World leaders including Barack Obama, Chinese president Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May have jetted into the capital of Zhejiang province for the annual summit which takes place from 4-5 September. And ahead of their arrival, China’s leaders have ordered relevant departments to upgrade the power grid, advance the usage of clean energy and provide technical assistance to ensure visitors go home with a good impression.   

G20 Summit

I. Upgrading the Power Grid

An observant person may find that there is no power pole around the West Lake. All cables around the West Lake are buried underground. A massive power grid infrastructure upgrade was carried out around West Lake area before G20 summit.  

In order not to affect the utilization of power, construction workers work at night and it takes them only six months to complete the project. Besides the around-west-lake upgrade project, power grids have been upgraded or new projects have been completed to a high quality and standard in Qianjiang New district, Wulin commercial hub and Qianjiang Century district. Those efforts not only guarantee reliable power for G20 summit, but take the development of the city to the next stage.   

The State Grid Zhejiang Electrical company has always invested more to speed up the construction of smart power grid. To date,“Two AC and Two DC”UHV grids have been established and a multi-terminal flexible DC transmission project has been completed in the city of Zhoushan.   

II. Advancing the Usage of Clean Energy 

One keyword for 2016 Hangzhou G20 summit is green. Under the background that the whole world is calling for reformation and transformation, the development of cities must stick to the green and sustainable pattern. The city of Hangzhou has been riding on the fast track of green development.  

If you observe the streets carefully, you are likely to find many electrical vehicles within ten minutes in Hangzhou, including a remarkable number of large buses full of passengers, small taxis and private cars, which is related to the policy of clean development and green summit implemented by the city of Hangzhou.  

The increasing electrical vehicles in Hangzhou are closely related to the fast construction of smart change-exchange grid. The State Grid Zhejiang Electrical Company strove for the government’s support and built the Zhejiang energy internet in order to meet demand for vehicle charging.   

Zhejiang province has greatly benefited from massive construction of UHV project in recent years. On the one hand, the era of lack of electricity has passed; on the other hand, clean hydropower and photovoltaic power from western area are transmitted to Hangzhou, really realizing “the electricity replacing the coal and oil”. 

III. Providing Technical Assistance  

“It has been a long time since I worked in the electrical field. Even if I close my eyes, I can correctly match the switch and socket, and operate the equipment. ”said Zhao Jiancheng, a electrical worker who is responsible for G20 power-supply group.  

The close inspection and rectification was carried out over and over for HV and LV switching rooms, switches and sockets by the group in the past two months. They have managed to draw a grand total of 20 line diagrams, compiled one brochure for each venue, wrote in-depth inspection report and helped customers solve the problems.  

In addition, the State Grid Zhejiang Electrical Company spared no effort to establish the equipment operation condition and video monitoring system and conducted on-line and round-the-clock management and control of substations.