All Overseas Investment ($10bn) Projects of SGCC Made Profits
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All Overseas Investment ($10bn) Projects of SGCC Made Profits !


The overseas investment made by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) totaled over $10bn with a total amount of foreign assets up to $40bn. All overseas investment projects made profits!      

1. Strategic Planning: Continuous Business Expansion   

Relying on company’s core technologies and management advantages, business layout expanded from developing countries to emerging economies and developed countries; business modes increased from engineering subcontract to EPC, franchising and equity investment; business sector converted from export of labor service to coordinated export of technologies, equipment and management.  

The SGCC successfully made investments and run core energy corporations in 5 countries including Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy and HK. To date, overseas investment has totaled over $10bn and a total amount of foreign assets has hit $40bn. All of "go global" projects gained profits!  

The value of international EPC contracts, equipment export and technical service contracts signed during the 12th Five Plan period amounted to $23.3bn. Meanwhile, the company expanded EPC, export of a whole set of equipment and consulting business in Africa, Europe and South America and drove the export of Chinese electric equipment, control and protection equipment, dispatch automatic system and high-end electronic equipment to 70 countries. 

2. Competitive Advantages: Technology, Management and Talents  

The main reason for innumerable great achievements is that the company has advanced technologies, management experience and outstanding teams. 

In the presence of two heads of states, the SGCC signed the cooperation agreement on Brazil beautiful mountain UHV power transmission project with Brazil Electrical Company on July 17, 2014. Brazil will benefit greatly from the project. It can promote the development of upstream and downstream industry such as power source, electric device and raw material and realize mutual benefits and a win-win situation. 

The company made several successful bids for overseas national power transmission and large-scale grid project franchising and its international “territory” has extended to Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America.

3. Overseas Layout: Localized Operation   

Companies are confronted with one question - How to do following "go global" ? And how to integrate into local political and economic environment and gain profits for interested parties ?

As a long-term strategic investor, the secrets of company’s quick integration into local places is localized operation. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win development, the company dispatched few directors and senior executives and encouraged native leaders to participate in the management of core business. The public welfare projects were carried out and local people benefited greatly from these moves.