Have a Merry Safety-conscious Christmas
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Have a Merry Safety-conscious Christmas


The holiday season is in full swing and Christmas is right around the corner! It's a wonderful time of year and staying safe around electricity will keep the holidays bright for you, your family and friends. As you decorate Christmas tree and make other preparations, please pause to review our electrical safety tips and take care to avoid potential hazards.     

Okay, here we go!

Tip 1: Inspect all electrical decorations before use.

Plan your displays of outlets in an effective and safe manner and follow the user manual that comes with electrical decorations. Please exercise caution when decorating near power lines. Keep yourself and your equipment at least 10 feet from power lines.

Tip 2: Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lightscountries. 

Purchase LED lights instead of traditional incandescent lights. Make sure spotlights used to illuminate decorations are well-ventilated, protected from weather and a safe distance from flammable items. Turn off, unplug and extinguish all decorations when going to sleep or leaving the house. 

Tip 3: Examine labels.

Always buy electrical decorations and lights from reputable retailers. Before you buy a box of new bulbs, make sure they meet the standard and have labels. 

Tip 4: Keep an eye on all extension cords and decorations.

Be sure your extension cords don't overheat and keep all extension cords and light strings free from snow and standing water. Outdoor electric lights and decorations should be plugged into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters.  

Tip 5: Water a live tree daily to keep it fresh.

Freshness is the first priority when purchasing a live tree. Be sure to keep the stand filled with water by refilling daily. Purchase the artificial tree with the label - fire resistant. Place your tree at least three feet away from all heat sources, including fireplaces, radiators and space heaters.   

Tip 6: Do not use traditional candles if possible.

Use battery-operated candles in place of traditional candles. Keep burning candles within sight. Place lighted candles away from combustible material such as other decorations and wrapping paper. Never use lighted candles on a tree or near other greenery. 

Tip 7: Keep combustibles, including Christmas trees, at least three feet from heat sources.  

Make sure that an adequate number of smoke alarms in your house work all the time. Locate smoke alarms on every level of your home. Work out a fire escape plan with your family and share your fire escape plan with your overnight guests.

Tip 8: Protect electrical cords from damage. 

To avoid shock or fire hazards. Do not place extension cords where they could cause a tripping hazard, like doorways. Do not mount or support light strings in a way that might damage the cord’s insulation. Keep halls, stairs and doorways properly illuminated and free of clutter and other objects that could hinder an escape during a fire emergency.   

Tip 9: Care for your children.  

Keep candles, matches, electrical cords and lighters out of reach of children. If gifts require batteries, exercise the same caution as you would give toys with small parts. Never leave children unsupervised where candles are lit. Cover any unused electrical outlets on extension cords with plastic caps to prevent children from coming in contact with the live circuit.

Tip 10. Steps in case of an electrical fire.   

Call the armed police fire forces or another appropriate emergency service. If you must attempt to put out an electrical fire, use a dry fire extinguisher or baking soda. Never try to extinguish an electrical fire with water! If the fire is large, try to turn off the main power source. Do not try to handle the fire yourself.