A Breakthrough is Made in the UHVAC Key Technology Applied in High Altitude Area
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A Breakthrough is Made in the UHVAC Key Technology Applied in High Altitude Area

UHVAC Breakthrough

Recently, State Grid’s key scientific project -- in-depth research on key technology of  UHVAC project in high altitude area undertaken by China Electric Power Research Institute has been successfully accepted. The project achievements promote the research level of UHV external insulation and wire electromagnetic attributes in Chinese high altitude area, and further enhance field test capability of power transmission and distribution technologies.   

The altitude correction method of external insulation and wire electromagnetic attributes has an important influence on the reliability and economy of power transmission project. At present, common correction method is mainly applicable to the area below 2000 meters, and voltage amplitude is lower than UHV grade. The altitude correction method proposed in this project can be suitable for air gap and insulator voltage correction, and altitude correction of corona parameters under the condition of 1000KV voltage grade and 4300 meters altitude. The technical indicators improve a lot.    

Chinese high-altitude external insulation test is relied on high-altitude test base. The on-site altitude is fixed. The successful development of 4000KV impulse voltage generating device meets UHV impulse voltage different test conditions of different altitudes, and lays a solid foundation for further explorations into power transmission technologies in high altitude area. This project officially marks the establishment of our first UHV corona cage test system in the high altitude area, and obviously improves the method of studying the UHV split wire corona features. 

The project achievements will be extensively applied in the construction of UHVAC power transmission and distribution project in the high altitude area of China. It has good economic and social benefit, and further promotes fast development of Chinese high-altitude power transmission technologies.