Changchun City to Upgrade Overhead Lines
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Changchun City to Upgrade Overhead Lines


The State Grid Changchun Power Supply Company have reportedly signed with framework agreement with Public Service Bureau of the city of Changchun to upgrade overhead lines of 8 districts in the old downtown, involving hundreds of streets.   

In recent years, all tubes and lines in the newly-built areas including power supply lines have been buried under the ground. It is easy to maintain them, and meanwhile, there will be no crisscrossed electrical lines in the sky. However, in the old downtown, it is quite common to see electrical lines crisscross in the sky, which is called spider web by the citizens. In addition, it is impossible to build the “underground tube hall” there. Therefore, the plan of upgrading overhead lines will be implemented in Changchun city in order to make the urban area more beautiful.    

Lines upgrade
 “These overhead lines including power supply lines, telecommunication lines and cable TV lines etc crisscross each other, which has a negative effect on the appearance of the city”, a spokesperson for State Grid Changchun Power Supply Company said. In future, overhead lines of 8 districts will be upgraded all over the city, involving hundreds of streets. 

Next, the electric staff will carry out close inspection of overhead lines on all streets and upgrade the electrical lines according to the actual condition. After the improvement of overhead electrical lines, there will be no obvious change in the usage of electricity for the residents, but power supply will become more stable and the streets look more friendly.