SGCC Lit the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
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SGCC Lit the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


The 31th Olympic Games was grandly opened at Brazil’s second largest city - Rio de Janeiro at local time 8:00 pm 5 Aug. As an actor playing the Brazilian inventor Santos Dumont drove the plane 14BIS and flied across the Maracana Stadium followed by famous landmarks such as towering Monte Cristo and wonderful Copacabana Beach, billions of global audiences enjoyed the spectacular night scene of Rio.      

As a matter of fact, this charming night scene is closely related to great efforts made by State Grid Cooperation of China (SGCC). It is State Grid Brazil Holdings-branch of SGCC that ensures sufficient electricity for the 31th Olympic Games-Rio 2016.   

Inside the centralized control center of China State Grid building at downtown Rio, about 5km away from the Maracana Stadium, maintenance staff of State Grid Brazil Holding S.A are focusing on rolling data on the computer screen. Colorful fluorescent lines on the giant electronic screen clearly display working condition of power grids in different areas.  

The centralized control center is designed and built by State Grid Nanri Group and was put into operation in 2012. It integrates original system resources and transmits real-time data from power transmission centers located in different  states to Rio, serving as the electricity headquarter for Rio 2016.

Rio 2016
 “We play a prominent role in ensuring sufficient electricity for Rio 2016,” Cai Hongxian, general manager of State Grid Brazil Holding, told the reporter. “The northern part of Brazil is rich in hydropower and wind power while cities such as Rio located at the Southeast is the electrical load center. At present, we are responsible for several main lines transmitting electricity from Northeast and Midwest to Southeast”.

The State Grid Cooperation of China set up State Grid Brazil Holding S.A in Rio earlier in December 2010, which is mainly responsible for power assets investment and operation. To date, the State Grid Brazil Holding has become the third largest power transmission operator in Brazil and length of power transmission line is up to 7,000km or so. Of all power transmission lines, the length of power lines related to Rio 2016 amounts to 3,200km and 6 500kV substations are included. All aims to guarantee sufficient electricity for many cities including Rio, Brasilia and São Paulo etc.  

According to Cai Hongxian, the State Grid Brazil Holding has embarked on preparations for Rio Olympic Games earlier in May 2016 and set up leading group and working group. The inspection plan has been specially worked out for Rio 2016 while the infrared thermal imaging detection work has been well done for all pieces of power transmission and transformation equipment.   

According to the requirements of Brazil Power Dispatch Center, the State Grid Brazil Holding also has sent more staff to key substations and formed a 24h service team made up of 33 staff to ensure that someone covers the night shift. A team of 30 people made continuous inspection of essential sections of lines.