Four Major Breakthroughs Made in Chinese Power Transformer Component
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Four Major Breakthroughs Made in Chinese Power Transformer Component


The power transformer is an essential equipment for the power transmission and transformation system and its faults have a major impact on power grid operation. There is a variety of component breakdowns and causes for breakdowns are also complicated. The transformer component breakdown accounts for 20%-45% of total breakdowns,which remains a prominent problem.    

The structure of power transformer is complex, and there are up to over ten kinds of supporting components. It belongs to a labor-intensive product, involving various materials and strict requirements in production. Different components play different roles in the usage of power transformer so none is indispensable. Abnormality in any component may affect normal operation of power transformer. For instance, insulation breakdown of bushing or load switch is likely to cause the ignition of power transformer. Hence, we should pay attention to production and selection of components, enhance the management of components and standardize the promotion of new technologies. Meanwhile, we should not jump the gun in the aspect of promoting the immature technologies and minimize the fault rate of transformer component. 

An investigation has been conducted among the manufacturers of transformer components and materials to advance the technological development of power transformer. Several breakthroughs are made in the transformer component.  

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1. Cascade Fiberglass Bushing  

The structure of product insulation shows the originality and simpleness and its technologies are reliable. The bushing is equipped with special end-shield measuring lead-out unit and self-check alarming function. The capacitive screen uses self-control less terminal steel wire mesh, resulting in good integral rigidity and heat conduction of bushing; the teflon medium is adopted with light weight and excellent anti-seismic performance; the end-shield of bushing employs the design of C2 screen, solving the problems such as grounding safety of end-shield and faulty display.    

The comprehensive technology index of this bushing ranks high all over the world and strongly supports the development of Chinese UHV transformer.  

2. Smart Component & On-line Monitoring System 

The transformer smart components highly integrate smart diagnosis units through the network including measuring and control, PD monitoring, non-electrical protection, oil & gas monitoring, fiber temperature measuring, load switch measuring & control and cooling system control, which can offer data for optimizing and managing power transformer and transmit real-time data to dispatching system, automatic system and protection system via the network.  

Besides, in line with researches about the structure, design, test and operational technologies of power transformer, smart diagnosis and monitoring system is established to monitor and evaluate current operation condition of power transformer on-line based on six technical models, including thermal balance, insulation aging, over-load capability, cooling control, comprehensive evaluation and fault category.   

The technology, a pleasing advancement in the aspect of intellectualization production, provides strong support for smart transformer and power grid. 

3. Natural Ester Insulation Oil 

The natural ester insulation oil is characterized by non-existence of corrosive sulfur, high ignition point and flash point, good water abortion, degradation, eco-friendiness, good water resistant and electrical performance. It has been widely used abroad with over ten years of experience in the application of natural ester oil to ten thousands of power transformers.     

Domestic manufacturers are able to develop and produce the natural ester insulation oil and supply the oil in large numbers. Besides, the trial application of the product has been done and the result is good. Hence, based on current development and application of natural ester insulation oil at home and abroad, the technology is developed and has remarkable economic and social benefits.  

The supply of natural ester insulation oil in large numbers guarantees green, low carbon and eco-friendly production of power transformer. 

4. Open Triangular 3D Roll Core Power Transformer  

The open triangular 3D roll core power transformer is a new kind of production. The new high-mark silicone steel sheet further reduces the thickness. All these technological measures has enhanced the energy efficiency of power transformer.