Founding Conference of CEC Electric Energy Replacement Industry Development Alliance Held in Beijing
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Founding Conference of CEC Electric Energy Replacement Industry Development Alliance Held in Beijing


In the presence of leaders from National Energy Administration, Ministry of Environmental Protection of PRC, Economic and Informatization Commission of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Tsinghua University, a founding conference of China Electricity Council electric energy replacement industry development alliance was held in Beijing on 11th November. Yang Kun, Party group secretary and executive vice-director, made a speech in the meeting. 

Mr. Yang made it clear in the speech that the climate problem became prominent and part of areas have often been hit by severe haze in China, causing public fundamental rethink for environmental protection and energy development method. One of major causes is consumption of massive scattered coals and fuels. Besides, vehicle, aircraft, steamboat and agricultural irrigation powered by fuel are also important sources for air pollution emission. The conversion efficiency and emission of electric energy is far superior to coal and oil in the final consumption. As the proportion of electricity generated by clean energy has increased, it can cut emissions of pollutants remarkably and improve the environment by means of replacing coal and oil with electric energy. 

According to Mr. Yang, electric companies have done a lot to fix the increasingly severe air pollution problem. The State Grid and China Southern Power Grid have released relevant work scheme and advanced replacement of coal and oil with electricity. Electric energy replacement technologies have been popularized vastly among many sectors such as urban central heating, business and industrial production. The method of using the energy in a high pollution and low efficiency manner was gradually ruled out through proposing household electrification. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), the installed non-fossil energy generation capacity increased from 290 million kilowatt to 530 million kilowatt with 15.2% annual growth and the proportion went up from 27% to 35%; the quantity of electricity generated by non-fossil energy grew by 0.76 trillion kilowatt (0.8-1.56 trillion) with 13.5% annual growth and its proportion rises from 19% to 27.8%.       

Mr.Yang emphasized that China Electricity Council supported 23 organizations including China Electric Power Research Institute in sponsoring and setting up the Electric Energy Replacement Industry Development and Promotion Alliance to better accelerate completion of electric energy replacement work. Adhering to the principles of service-oriented guide, the alliance is expected to unite upstream and downstream firms of electric energy replacement industry and play a prominent role in advancing development of industrial technologies, standard formulation, commercial model innovation, policy consulting, communication & training and green finance.   

The alliance is composed of domestic main energy manufacturers, energy service providers, equipment manufacturers, scientific research institutions, design organizations, universities, industry associates and investment companies and media. 

The alliance aims to advance reform of energy consumption, and prevention and treatment of air pollution; to fully grasp new requirements of electric system reform and integrate systematic and social resources; to make great efforts to implement the strategy of clean energy replacement; to increase the proportion of electric energy in the terminal consumption and help to fix fossil energy pollution and green house air emission problem.