frame column of Weifang substation
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The frame column of Weifang substation - a part of Hengyu-Weifang UHV project was officially craned

The 1000kV frame column of Weifang substation - a part of Hengyu-Weifang UHV project was lifted by a crane on January 20th 2016, officially marking the commencement of electric installation process.

substation testing
Yuheng-Weifang 1000kV UHVAC power transmission and distribution project began on May 12th, 2015. It is the second approved UHV project which goes into Shandong province. The project starts from Shannxi Hengyu to Shandong Weifang. The whole length is 1048.5 kilometers, and it passes through four provinces including Shannxi, Shanxi, Hebei and Shangdong province. The line length within Shandong province is 364 kilometers.   

Another 1000kV UHV substation has been added in Weifang city. Four sets of 3 million kilovolt-ampere main transformers will be installed according to the plan. The whole project is scheduled for completion in 2017. The 1000kV Weifang substation is located in the Changle county Weifang City. Because the Weifang substation is between Tangwu-Gegou fault zone and Anqiu-Juxian fault zone, it requires the highest design level of earthquake proof among domestic UHV stations. 

Compared with other UHV projects outside Shandong province, the structure of  frame beam is more complex, and the weight is heavier. Thus, it is harder to assemble them. Moreover, its earthquake fortification intensity reaches 8 degrees (0.201g). Hence, technical content of the equipment is higher, and relative department should be stricter about construction. So far, it has been selected as first UHV anti-earthquake demonstration substation by the State Grid.