Longest-serving 750kV Line in Xinjiang to be Inspected for the First Time
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Longest-serving 750kV Line in Xinjiang to be Inspected for the First Time


As a last group of earthing knife-switches were closed on 11th May, 2016, the longest-serving 750kV Fengwu line with largest transmission capacity stopped working, and would be inspected and maintained for the first time in recent four years in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. 

The Fengwu line, which was put into operation on 20th June 2008, is the first 750kV power transmission and distribution line in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. To date, the line has been in service for 2879 days without accident. It is the longest-serving 750kV power transmission line within Xinjiang.

The Xinjiang electric company paid high attention to this inspection and maintenance and organized technical staff to compile practicable service manual in advance, which lays a solid foundation for maintenance work.     

When the Wufeng line was being inspected, 750kV Fengsuyi line was also off. During this period, the northwestern power grid is connected into northwest main grid only through 750kV Yafeng line and Yada line. No matter which line breaks down, the northwestern power grid would disconnect from main grid. Hence, the company adhered to the principle of laying equal stress on maintenance and power supply, and organized staff to work out power supply scheme.

According to the statistics, 51 staff and 11 vehicles were dispatched to inspect 307 iron towers, 25 lines, 12 insulator strip structure upgrading and 18,000 pieces of porcelain insulator.