CSPG: Quantity of West-to-East Electricity Hit 81.3 billion kW·h in the First Half of 2016
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CSPG: Quantity of West-to-East Electricity Hit 81.3 billion kW·h in the First Half of 2016


The total quantity of electricity transmitted from the west to east by the company amounts to 81.3 billion kW·h in the first half of the year, a year-on-year growth of 2% and hitting a historic high. Among a variety of electricity, the clean hydropower accounts for 70%.    

Since this year, the water inflow in four drainage basins has been better than expected and quantity of hydroelectricity in the first half of the year has been up over 15% year over year. As the China Southern Power Grid ensures the secure operation of power grid, they also reallocate resources, increase inter-provincial market trading and make maximum use of clean energies.       

West east electricity transmission
The company has taken the following measures. First of all, maintenance work on essential passages and equipment of West-East electricity transmission has been assiduously carried out to ensure that all pieces of equipment are intact and passages run smoothly. Secondly, the company accelerated construction of the passages. The ±500kV DC project transmitting the electric power from Jinsha River hydropower plant to Guangxi province was put into use in advance at the end of May. The Yunnan Luxi back-to-back DC asynchronous network project was also put into operation at the end of July. The quantity of electricity transmitted from Yunan province increases from 19.25 million kW to 24.55 million kW. To date, seventeen 500kV and above major passages including “eight AC and nine DC” have been constructed, with maximum transmission capacity up to 39.5 million KW. And finally, it gives full play to the role of Guangzhou Electricity Trade Center and the company takes initiative to arrange inter-provincial market transactions. 

The West-East Electricity Transmission project, initiated in the Tenth Five-Year Plan (2000-2005), is designed to bring investment and development to China’s lagging west while meeting the growing electricity demands of the country’s eastern provinces. The West-East Electricity Transmission Project is a key component of the Chinese government’s western development project. The project is expected to accelerate the development of China’s power industry and national economy.