SGCC Released the Data of Power Market Transaction in the First Quarter
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SGCC Released the Data of Power Market Transaction in the First Quarter


The State Grid held a conference on power market transaction in the first quarter of the year in Beijing on 28th April, 2016. The information of power market transaction was released and trend of power supply and demand was focused. In the first quarter of the year, Chinese power trading volume reached 157.321bn kW·h, with trans-regional power trading volume up to 71.655bn kW·h, up 10.44% year-on-year.  

Relying on the great power grid, the company made the best of UHV power grid featured by long-distance and large-capacity transmission to carry out the transactions across the regions and provinces, and optimize resources allocation on a larger scale. 

In the first quarter, 63.5bn kW·h electricity generated by green energy within the scope of business were transmitted to other regions and provinces, which increases by 12.5% year-on-year. Remarkable achievements are made in consuming the clean energy. The company carried out trials for organizing the DC transaction among electric customers from northwestern to Shandong Yindong through two modes - centralized competitive bidding and bilateral negotiation. The amount of power trading was 9bn kW·h. The quantity of electricity generated by wind and solar power reached 1.8bn kW·h, accounting for 20%.        

The company fully implemented the policy on energy conservation and emission reduction and advanced the generation right trading through unremitting efforts. The high-effective and energy-saving generators are expected to replace energy-consuming ones. In the first quarter, the generation right trading amounted to 3.093bn kW·h in the company’s business area, a decrease of 76.10% year-on-year. Up to 199,800 tons of standard coals were saved, which equals to the cut of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by 361,89 tons and 519,600 tons respectively.