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Division of Electricity and Optics Measurement Technology
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Division of Electricity and Optics Measurement Technology

Brief introduction
Division of Electricity and Optics Measurement Technology is mainly in charge of establishing and maintaining public standards of measurement, traceability and transmission of measurement values in the fields of electromagnetism, radio, microwave, telecommunication and optics in eastern China area and Shanghai Municipality, also other works such as the examination of measuring instruments quality, etc. The main laboratories of this division are located at the Electrics Building in Zhangjiang headquarters, equipped with measuring facilities at the advanced international level. The secretariat of China National Shielding Materials Standardization Technical Committee is set up at this division. There are eleven experts in this division actively participating in the works of relevant national metrology and standardization technical committees.
The division has established 1 national primary standard for specular gloss, 58 public standards of measurement, among which 32 are the highest level ones in eastern China area. The division carries out pattern evaluations of new and imported measuring instruments, verification of imported measuring instruments, and supervision inspection for the quality of measuring instruments, appointed by the administrative departments for measurement at different levels. The division is capable of carrying out 85 verification items, 99 calibration items and 27 testing items, covering from DC, AC, pulse, high frequency and microwave signal to visible and invisible light.
Another important task of this division is carrying out researching activities for measurement and testing, developing national technical specifications and standards. Since 1990’s, the division has received about 20 items of Science and Technology Progress Awards conferred by relative Ministries of the country and the Shanghai Municipal Government for its scientific and technical works, and many research achievements have been adopted by national verification regulations, and many self-developed measurement standards have reached the advanced international level.
The division is also the first provider for the service of examination of magnetic strength for airfreight in China.
Service features
The primary standard for Specular Gloss is one of the national primary standards. Measurement range:
0.0~199.9Gloss Unit. Uncertainty: 0.7 Gloss Unitk=2. It reaches the same accuracy level as that in the United States and Germany.
The testing laboratory for electric energy meter can carry out the whole performance tests of all kinds of electric energy meter, which is one of a few similar domestic laboratories, covering all testing items of relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, National and industrial standards. The laboratory can also calibrate electric energy meter according to IEC standards, which has been accredited by CNAS
China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment
The calibration laboratory for EMC
electromagnetic compatibility equipment can carry out the transmission of measurement values for most testing instruments used in EMC testing laboratories. It can also test the shielding room of various medical nuclear magnetic resonances.
The calibration laboratory for optical telecommunication takes the lead in China in calibrating digital telecommunication PDH/SDH analyzer, jitter analyzer, error analyzer and other measuring instruments. It is the first domestic laboratory to carry out the calibration of digital mobile phone analyzer, Bluetooth test set, WLAN test set, digital TV test set, etc.
The proficiency of verification and calibration of microwave parameters takes the lead in China. Recommended by CNAS, the division participated in the international comparison of microwave parameters hold by APLAC
Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), obtaining a satisfactory result.
The testing systems which are now under construction for car-equipped GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system and car-equipped acoustics will reach the leading level in China. The testing capability is in according with the relative international standards, European and American standards and standards of some leading automobile manufacturers.