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Division of On-line Testing and General Measurement Technology
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Division of On-line Testing and General Measurement Technology

Brief introduction
Division of On-line Testing and General Measurement Technology mainly provides the testing and calibration services of online apparatus, meters, integration systems and general measuring instruments for corporations. The main laboratories of this division are located at the Electrics Building, Mechanics Building and Physicochemical Building in Zhangjiang headquarters, equipped with measuring facilities at the advanced international level. The Shanghai Key Lab of On-line Testing and Control Technology is set up at this division. There are three experts of this division actively participating in the works of relevant national metrology and standardization technical committees.
The division has established 18 public standards of measurement, among which 1 is the highest level in eastern China area. The division carries out pattern evaluations of new and imported measuring instruments, verification of imported measuring instruments, and supervision inspection for the quality of measuring instruments, appointed by the administrative departments for measurement at different levels. The division is capable of carrying out 106 verification items, 64 calibration items and 17 testing items, covering the fields of micro-electronics, automobile manufacturing, refrigeration, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, nuclear power, new energy sources, etc.
For recent years, the division focuses on the research of on-line calibration methods for centralized and decentralized control system with computer, testing of static ionner and non-destructive test apparatus, etc. Some of the technical capabilities of on-line calibration have reached the advanced international level.
Service features
The on-line testing laboratory is equipped with some leading online testing equipments in the world, such as the high precision octet-and-half digital number multimeter, portable temperature calibration system, multifunction calibration meter, etc. It is one of the few domestic laboratories which can provide full parameter tests of ionner and on-the-spot calibration and adjustment for enthalpy difference testing equipments and compressor enthalpy test-beds.
The laboratory of thread ring gauges and thread plug gauges testing can test various kinds of normal and special specifications such as M, B.S.W, UN and MJ, Acme, etc.
3-meter digital universal horizontal metroscope with all kinds of clamps has the characteristics of multifunction, automatic testing and automatic temperature compensation. Its integrated testing capability takes the lead in the nation.
There are a number of experienced senior calibration engineers in this division who master the advanced online calibration technology in the world. They can provide total solution of on-the-spot testing for the integration systems such as temperature, electricity capacity, pressure, twice meter, etc.