Another Test and Detection Base Constructed in Yangtze River Delta by China XD Group Corporation
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Another Test and Detection Base Constructed in Yangtze River Delta by China XD Group Corporation


Currently, all test equipment of“high-voltage electric apparatus test station” constructed in Changzhou City by China XD Group Corporation has been commissioned, marking that Changzhou“high-voltage electric apparatus test station”can be put into operation at any time. This station, another test & detection base constructed in the Yangtze River Delta region, will provide a more convenient and upgraded test platform for high-voltage electric apparatus manufacturers located at East China, and even all over the nation. 

The  project of “high-voltage electric apparatus test station”, a key investment project approved by China XD Group Corporation, is to realize the strategy of “Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (XIHARI) test & detection go global”. The project includes three test systems -- large capacity, mechanical temperature-rise and insulation test system. The station is equipped with 3200MVA short circuit generators, 10000A three-phase AC temperature-rise test system, power frequency as well as impulse test system. Plenty of tests can be undertaken in the station, such as 12kV/50kA and below three-phase short circuit test, capacity test of 40.5kV and below load switch, power frequency and impulse test of 40.5kV and below switch-gear, PD test, temperature-rise and mechanical service test and high or low temperature test and so on. 

Test Base
At present, XIHARI has singed letters of intent with neighboring companies about product test and detection certification etc. The branch of CEEIA holds a meeting in Changzhou city. XIHARI Changzhou company regards that meeting as a good chance, and invites delegates to visit the company in order to promote delegates to gain a deeper understanding of their test capability and service concept.     

When the test station is officially put into use, it is expected to bring in remarkable economic and social benefits, further broaden the influence of XIHARI test detection and expand the market.