Independent Research and Development of the Third-generation Flexible Fire-proof Cable
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Independent Research and Development of the Third-generation Flexible Fire-proof Cable


The third-generation flexible fire-proof cable developed by some corporation has passed all withstand fire tests at TICW for one time, marking that a major breakthrough has been made in the technology of fire-proof cable product.

At present, there are two main kinds of fire-proof cables in the market: magnesium-insulated copper-sheathed mineral-insulated fire-proof cable and compound-insulated embossing metal sheathed flexible fire-proof cable. The first-generation mineral insulated fire-proof cable has many disadvantages, including complex processing and high production cost. Moreover, some other weaknesses are exposed during the process of installation. For instance, the structure is hard; insulation resistance is poor; it is not easy to maintain; the quality of joint cannot be guaranteed.

Fire Proof Cable
In order to address these problems, the second-generation cable, called flexible fire-proof cable, came into being to replace mineral insulated cable. However, burning belt-shaped objects turn into powders and fall off. Mechanical deformation of embossing and metal tube structure are not consistent with the flexibility. There, above-mentioned problems are not fixed.

The third-generation fire-proof cable is a kind of real flexible fire-proof cable. Through market report and many years of in-depth researches on fire-proof technologies, the Chinese R&D team upgraded material ingredient as well as product structure, and successfully developed the third-generation fire-proof cable, which completely makes up for defects of first-generation and second-generation cable and fills the gap.

The cable adopts the non-mental sheath, solving the problem of being hard and making the cable soft. The electric insulation performance has been fundamentally improved compared with previous two kinds. Because there is no need for joints and accessories of metal sheath, it is easy to install and maintain the environment-friendly third-generation cable with long service life. In addition, the third-generation cable can be personalized to the client's exact requirements. Therefore, it has broad market prospect, and social and economic benefits.