A Brief Summary of Main Achievements Made in Electric Equipment Field (2006-2015)
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A Brief Summary of Main Achievements Made in Electric Equipment Field (2006-2015)


Electric equipment facilitates stable supply of energy, and sustainable and sound development of national economy. With 30 years of development , especially recent ten years, great changes have taken place in China's electric equipment industry, forming large-scale industrial system with a complete range and certain technical foundation. Main achievements of electric equipment (2006-2015) are as follows:
electric progress

1. Electric equipment production ranks first in the world

Since 2006, annual output of power generation equipment has been exceeding 1bn KW 9 years in a row, accounting for above 50% of global output. Until the end of 2014, the capacity of Chinese power generation equipment installation reached 1.36bn KW, ranking first in the world.
Since 2008, annual output of power transformer has been surpassing 1bn KVA 7 years in a row. The length of 220kV and above power transmission line is up to 578,900 kilometers, ranking top in the world.
China has become electric equipment production power. In 2014, total industrial output value of electric equipment production was more than ¥5,000bn, and main business income was ¥0.533bn. The profit reached ¥311.2bn, with USD164.9bn of total volume of foreign trade.  

2. The technical level of electric equipment is constantly improving

The electric equipment has reached world-class level, representing by high-power generating equipment, HUV power transmission and distribution equipment and smart grid equipment. Remarkable major technical equipment and products are listed in the following:

Power generating equipment: 1000MW supercritical thermal power unit, 700MW and above hydro-power unit, 1000MW nuclear power unit and 300MW F class (50Hz) heavy gas turbine.

Power transmission and distribution equipment: whole set of 1000kV UHVAC  transmission equipment, whole set of ±800kV UHVDC transmission equipment, whole set of smart grid transmission equipment.  

Key parts: safety valve, breaker, 5 inches 7200V/3000A electronic control thyristor, 6 inches 8500V/4000-4750A electronic control thyristor, 5 inches 7500V/3125A optical control thyristor, ±800kV and below voltage grade converter valve.

3. Electric equipment plays more important role in backing up the construction of national key projects

Through 30 years of unremitting efforts, China has successfully developed a patch of world-class electric equipment that suits China's national conditions by means of technical introduction, absorption and renovation. The electric equipment has been applied in a patch of national key projects, such as Three Gorges project, Yunnan-Guangdong ±800kV UHVAC power transmission project, Guanting-Eastern Lanzhou ±750kV DC power transmission project and so on.