SGCC: Commencement of “Beautiful Mountain” Phase I Project Construction in Brazil
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SGCC: Commencement of “Beautiful Mountain” Phase I Project Construction in Brazil


The Federal Environmental Protection Agency of Brazil issued the EIA construction license for ±800kV UHVDC power transmission Phase I project of “Beautiful Mountain” hydro-power station in Brazil, marking the official commencement of project construction. 

Through fully bringing their creativity and initiative into play, the project team of SGCC succeeded in receiving the construction EIA license, ensuring that the project can be put into operation on schedule. Also, the team have gained valuable experience for the Beautiful Mountain”Phase II project. At present, as for the progress of converter station project, the ground has been leveled and makeshift houses were built. The EPC contractors are making preparations for starting basic construction.  

Project construction
The project transmits the energy out from Beautiful Mountain” hydro-power station, the second largest hydro-power station in Brazil with total installation capacity reaching 11 million kilowatts. According to the plan, a new±800kV UHVDC transmission line, converter stations and other relevant facilities will be constructed. It will play a prominent part in constructing UHV channel and lay a solid foundation for South and North America power grid interconnection. 

The “Beautiful Mountain” Phase I project will accelerate the“go global”of Chinese UHV power transmission technologies, equipment as well as service, and promote the international capacity cooperation and mutual benefits. Based on project investment, the“Beautiful Mountain”project is expected to facilitate the export of made-in-China high-end electric equipment and prompt outstanding electric domestic companies to open factories in Brazil. Meanwhile, Brazil will also benefit greatly from the project. It can promote the development of upstream and downstream industry such as power source, electric device and raw material and realize mutual benefits and a win-win situation.